Friday, February 27, 2015

Martha and George Washington Visit!

Look who showed up in our classroom today!

George and Martha Washington were really interesting when they visited our classroom. In fact we learned some really interesting facts that we didn't know before. 

For example we learned that George Washington adopted Martha's children as his own. She had four children, but two died. One got smallpox and the other died in the war. Martha had smallpox too but doctors cut the pox out with a knife! She said there was a lot of blood. She also said smallpox is like chickenpox but worse. 

Also we learned George's soldiers were really poor. They didn't wear uniforms just a while shirt with long sleeves. They were starving so they even ate their own shoe leather!

George Washington asked a woman to make the first purple heart medal. Finally he didn't wear a wig he just put white powder in his hair!

by Anahi, Caston, Daniel, Joshua, Kacie, and Marcos

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What are you thinking so far?

We have been studying the causes, events, and important people in the American Revolution. Here is a place where you can state your opinion on the Essential Question: Was the American Revolution Justified?
Just click on the post to write what you think, but remember to use evidence to back up your claim. Also remember to add your first name so we know who thinks what! (notice my font color is red...)