2012 Claymation Projects

Although not everyone was able to finish their Claymation project, here is the amazing work so far. Everyone should be very proud of creating this much in so little time. Excellent work, and I am so proud of you for working out how to not only create a Claymation, but on figuring out how to use the Frames Software, and sharing what you learned with your classmates. Great teamwork!

Julio's Claymation

Corrina's Claymation

Elizabeth's Claymation

Iris' Claymation: Why Dinosaurs are Extinct

Jackie's Claymation: Dinosaurs VS Turtles

Reina's Claymation

Sara's Claymation: Waterfalls

Francisco's Claymation: Race to the Bread

Geraldine's Claymation

Victor's Claymation: Why Snakes Bite

Jonathan's Claymation: Exio's Quest

Juan's Claymation

Madusa by Lily and Marissa?

Adany's Claymation

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