Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Good morning. It’s Green Week when we think more about how we can take care of our planet and clean up our trash and recycling stuff.

Today we are going to talk about folding milk cartons. Folded milk cartons take up less space in our recycling bins and in the recycling trucks. This helps our planet because the recycling trucks will use less gas if they take less trips back and forth to their headquarters. The air will not be polluted with gas fumes.

Here’s how to fold a milk carton:
First you will have to finish or pour out your milk so the carton is empty.
The next thing you will have to do is squish the left and right sides and squeeze them in to make the milk carton flat. Then you will have to fold up the bottom. That’s how you fold a milk carton.
Your teacher will also show you a video of how to fold a milk carton after this announcement. Just click on the video below to see us model folding the milk cartons.
Here is how much space 10 unfolded milk cartons take up.

Look how little space 10 folded cartons take up. 

Imagine how much gas and pollution we will save by ALWAYS folding our milk cartons before we recycle them.

We can make a difference starting right now during Rita Cannan's GREEN WEEK

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