2015 Writing

This Semester students were learning how to write personal narratives exploding the moment using sensory details. They were also trying out writing from a different Point of View. Check out their rewrites of Fairy Tales below...

                                                Hansel and Gretel
The witch gave me and Gretel some bread so we can get fatter. She wanted to eat us so she can get fatter. When she gave us the bread her face looked like she’s saying, “I’m going to trap them in my cage.” She trapped me in the cage so she can feed me. I thought to myself “ will Gretel save me?” And she did. Thanks sister for saving me from the evil fat witch. Gretel was the hero she pushed in the witch in the oven that was in the house because she was evil. Me and Gretel took some the jewelry she had lots we didn’t know where she got the jewelry wow!!! Me and Gretel found our dad and hugged and showed him the jewelry we took from the evil fat witch and we lived happily ever after.
                                                         Written by Aaron

I’m hansel one day me and my sister gretel got lost in the forest we saw a house made out of food there was a witch she  was feeding   The witch told me to get in the cage. She feeding Chinese food and I got nauseous because she was feeding me a lot. She told me to stick my hands out but I really put out a chicken bone to see how fat my hands are. Then Gretel tricked the witch to get in the oven. The witch told Gretel to get in the oven in a grumpy voice and Gretel said “I can’t fit in there”. And the witch said “I could fit in here look”. Then Gretel pushed the witch into the oven and burned her to death . Thanks gretel for saving me from the disgusting and smelly witch she smells like rotten eggs. That’s a folks. 

Written by: Daniel 

I am at my house made out of candy. There’s two children coming down the street.  They saw my house and they said, “let’s  go eat it.”Then I peeked out my window” and they were eating my wall and my roof CHOMP , CHOMP. Then I enticed them in like this ‘’come in come in” I got food for you. I laugh like a bad guy” hahahaha. I wiggled my hands for the goodies it was Hansel. Then I trapped Hansel in the cage the cage looks like a prison cage. Gretel bring food and water for Hansel so he could get fat. Then I went to the oven and I said come in Gretel she said I can’t fit then she push me inside the oven ‘’ then I died.      

By Caston                                           

*SO the wolf jump to the chimney and I hred rusling and I said to self my se “I shod order indin food” so he can be full and not eat my .And the doorbell rand and it was the dlvre boy and buy then he was in the hous and I cam with a big fest and I said, “do you want .SOME? “And he said, “yes so when we finsht it was tea time we had crumpits with marmalade and with butre and huny tea wen we finsht he kick me meand I kick hem in the ovon and cook hem for. DINNR and he had to what 2 years for his revenge.
THAT’S ALL FOLKS I will writa more store’sSay if you like IT

by Joshua

The exiting part about red riding hood is …
I knocked on granny’s door and granny said,
who is it? And I said” me Your granddaughter. Granny said, “come  in” I went in.  Granny looked so tasty I felt so hungry. I couldn’t wait any longer so I just ate granny with one gulp. My food was tasty.
By Anahi

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