Thursday, March 21, 2013

Earth Hour 2013!

This Saturday, March 23rd, at 8:30pm, people all over the world will show their support of the Earth by turning off all their power!
Yes, that means lights, computers, gaming systems, cell phones, TVs ~ EVERYTHING!
Check out the video below, and then see what you can do during the hour...light some candles and play a game. Cards, Monopoly, sing a song or two, hide and seek...
I'm going to meet friends Downtown and run with glow sticks...sounds fun!


  1. I Agree Mrs.Harvey.!!
    We should have just ONE day were there are no computers turned on, Phones, Tv ECT.
    As a Family it wil get us more closer and i have to admit lighting up a candle in the dark will be so much fun and playing board games!!
    I will try not to use my Ipod and computer and breath some fresh air outside. It Might be a challange though, hopfully I can try I have an Idea i might tell my mom to hide the laptop && Ipod so i can't even tough it ..
    uhhh I can do it.! Maybe.. ;)

  2. I Forgot to comment on my other comment that how long will this event go... like a day or so?

  3. Good ideas Geraldinee! It is kind of ironic to use a computer to write an electronic post and share it on You Tube and our blog about NOT using electricity...
    It only lasts one hour. Earth Day is later - April 22nd.
    I'm curious if anybody else notices..maybe you can spread the word! One hour power-free. What will we do?