Friday, August 10, 2012

Nevada Museum of Art !!!

"Wow!!!" Visiting the Nevada Museum was just a wonderful experience!!! I loved everything but, I got to say making those clay pitching pots rocked. Mine came out weird but i still liked it :) !!! You want to know how we made them??? It's top secret !!! I am just kidding. (It's really easy.) You first NEED to buy a box of clay. You can buy them at your local Michaels' store. Once that's done next step is you form your clay into a spear. TIP: make sure no wrinkles are left : At the top of your spear, start pinching into a bowl shape, from there you can make it long, short, skinny,wide however you'll like it. Then make sure you buy non- washable paint and paint your pot however you like!! Now you have to wait one day till the clay dries and it gets hard. GOOD LUCK !! Isn't easy!?!?! By the way, I also loved having my mom (Yesenia) go to the awesome field trip with us. I got to admit I loved my mom's pot better then mine.

                                                                   By : Geraldine


  1. Geraldine, I appreciated how you explained where to get clay and how to make a pot! I was impressed that the artist who conducted our class gave us all the Decorating Southwestern Pottery books, the paintbrushes, and the clay cutter tool. It was very generous of her, so I think we definitely ought to visit Michaels and buy some clay to try another pot. It'd be fun to send her photos of our second attempt...
    Thanks for writing such an interesting post, and one with such great voice.

    1. Thank you !!!
      Mrs.harvey and yes it will be very fun making a second pot and much more faster cuase we already know how to make it and once again thank you soooo much letting us got to the field trip ♥

  2. Well I thought that it wasn't the best field trip but it was a good feild trip