Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Investigating our Mystery.???!!!♥

  Since we were doing a science experiment we got some sad news...  First of all, to point out our science experiment was about cleaning a skull (we have a story in our blog, check it out!)The bad news is that our skull is missing!!! Our suspects are, Ms. Sheri (our garden lady), Mrs.Beth (our custodian), and Mrs.Hammond (vice principal).So we decided to interview them. Here is what the suspects said
Mrs.Sheri : On a Tuesday morning at 8:00 am  she was fixing our garden, she said.Then Mrs.Sheri`s
manger notice the the skull, she told Mrs.Sheri to take a look. They were both speechless. Later that day Mrs.Sheri saw Mrs.Hammond and told her what she saw. Then Mrs.Hammond told Mrs.Sheri she'll do something about it. When the interview was almost over with  her  she told us that on September 18 she took a peek and it wasn't there maybe she thought Mrs.Beth had got it. Then we interview Mrs.Beth, Here is what she said. We told her about the skull Mrs.Beth told us she didn't knew anything about it,"Well that didn't help!" We Thought. BUT she told us to ask Mrs.Hammond. She admit she threw away the skull. 
"DUNN DUNN DUNN!!!" We were curious if she has called the school police she answer no. She felt really bad of throwing  away the skull and she wouldn't of threw it away if she knew it was ours. So here is the truth about our class mystery.
    By: Geraldine♥, Jackie♥ and Iris♥ (Class Investigator)

 Geraldine♥(Right), Iris♥(Left)

 Jackie♥ (left), Iris♥ (middle), Geraldine♥(Right)


 Iris♥(left) Geraldine♥(middle) Jackie♥(right)


 Left of the table: Isis♥,Geraldine♥, Jackie♥
                                                                                         Right of the table; Mrs.Sherri (Garden Lady)

 Mrs.Sherri♥ (Garden Lady)

 Mrs.Beth (School Custodian)

 Mrs.Hammond (Vice principal)

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