Thursday, September 13, 2012

Class Novel Assignment

Here is a new way to turn in responses to our class novel! Let's try it out to see if works for us. You just double click anywhere on the page below to leave your response. You can't write much, as you will run out of sticky note space. REMEMBER TO SIGN YOUR NAME!!


  1. This works pretty well! I like how you could all add your thoughts really quickly, and now we can all see everyone's ideas. If you forgot to add your name to the top - where it said, "anonymous" then maybe you can edit your response so we know who you are? The anonymous stickies are all lined up on the far right. Scroll over to see them.

    1. It did workout!! it was very fun doing this we should do it more often or we could evan make our own real one in the class room. We should do like a small debate qustion on these for exsample: Should our school wear uniforms! And one think I didnt like was we only like about few letters in the sticky!! It was very intreged to realate my opinon to others!!
      (P.S. We have a Bob in our class?? Cool!! I bet it was john)