Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Time to Post!

This week, we are starting our new goal of submitting one piece of writing each week to post on our class blog.
Here are some ideas for what to post:

Book Review - write what you think about any book you have read. Remember to include the title, author, genre, and then what you like or did not like about it. Try to include author's craft - just like you did on our Mystery Novel Project. An opening blurb would be good too!

Exciting Trips or ExcursionsHave you gone somewhere recently with your family or friends? Where did you go, why, what did you do, explain why it was interesting/exciting/educational etc. Include any interesting facts you can find out about the place you visited...even if you learn about it after the trip when you research it online. You could include a photo if it is electronic. See me for more information on this part.

Hobby What can you do? Are you a karate expert, a great knitter, or a virtuoso piano player? Tell us all about it - teach us about what you do and how you learned your skill. I know there are talents we don't know about out there...

Poem - We have been writing away, so here is a chance to write some more and include them as a blog post. If you find a new genre of poetry to explore, share it here. If you make another found or concrete poem, we can submit the post as a photo with your introduction to the poem.

You will have time each afternoon for half an hour to choose Writing in our Cafe menu - so use your time wisely, and plan on when you will write.  You can always write at home too!

We all look forward to seeing 26 new posts a week - so much to read and to comment on! Let the discussion begin...who will be first?

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