Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wow hula is so fun!! Too bad I can't show anybody my hula dances. But I don't know why but...... it is secret?????? I have it every Saturday. I also have Hawaii'an language on Mondays.
   The Hawaii'an name is Hapa Hula for Hula and for Hawaii'an langulaage its called Papa Olelo!!!!!!! To me Hula is like math. I love hula for many reasons. First lots of exercies, like streching, and push ups, duck walks and more.
Second, getting to know my family, my ancestors, and their history. Lastly, I have fun! translation ( Hapa- ha-pa )
( Papa pa-pa and then o-le-low )   
                                     By Elizabeth <3 :)


  1. Elizabeth, I think it is so exciting to learn a dance from your native country. I do wish we could watch you some day, and I never knew that Hula was a private or religious art form.
    In Scotland we learned Scottish Country dancing in elementary school, and we would have school dances where we all did them together. They are certainly not religious, and involve tons of skipping around in circles and figures of eight! Maybe some day I will teach our class some, since we are almost even boys and girls.
    It would be a lot of fun.

    1. Elizebeth that is so cool that your getting more in you Hawaii'an culture!! Not just knowing the dancings also the language they speak, you like Have to show me the language I wish dances too but I understand the respect. What State/City or ummm... island is your family from??

    2. Well my family is from I think Honalulu or Wipahu. Something like that. And one day I will teach you some words and we could practice and have a converstion if we make it that far it the process of Hawaii'an language. Thanks for the comment on my post!!!