Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Felt Like a Boss!!

   Everyday towards the end of  school I grab the iPad. Why do I grab the iPad you say.??? I grab it to take pictures with.
       Right now I am taking pictures of our interesting life science, so I am the class photographer HOW COOL IS THAT!! Do you want to know what were doing for science? Take a guess ... I bet you'll never find out!!! It's a .....smelly situation!!! We first read and researched information about, how to clean a skull. Sounds pretty interestingly scary when I put it that way huh?!?! I'm guessing you have a lot of  questions popping into that head of yours. PLEASE don't try even typing "how to clean a skull" in Google because trust me, woah is it stinky. Just to verify this can cause serious eye damage, I am just kidding but stinks really bad you even worry 'bout your eye burning by just looking at the smelly skull. Well... I was telling you about the technology device (ipad) I felt like a boss and by that I mean I feel like a professional , I  felt like business .
Have you ever felt like that.!?
                                By: Geraldine♥
                             (p.s comment below)


  1. Why do you like taking pitctures with the iPad? And I like the science project so much. It's so amazing. We would just get more skulls and put them back in the classroom for show and tell. How did you feel like a boss using the iPad?

  2. How many times have you ever felt like a professional?