Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fun Wordplay Game

Although I usually ride my bike to work, I happened to be driving last night and I heard this quiz challenge on National Public Radio. Every Monday evening, at 6pm Pacific time, they have a show called "Another Thing." Each week they ask listeners to send in an unusual, clever, or funny name for an item related to the news.

This week, they are asking listeners to name prehistoric toothpaste! To find out why, visit the link below. You can listen to the report, learn about this photo of the prehistoric tooth, and talk to me to send in your idea, as we can use the school address and e mail.

Give this challenge a try!
Italian researchers have discovered a 6,500-year-old tooth in Slovenia that appears to have a beeswax filling (designated by the yellow line).
Photo courtesy of PLoS One

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